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Weekly Arrangement

For the man who wants to really take things to the next level, let's explore a weekly arrangement


  • Up to 3 private dates (60 minutes each)

    • Only $300 for each additional one-hour private session during the same week

  • Unlimited social outings (lunch, dinner, bar, pedicure, concert, you name it)

  • Daily photos of myself

    • (if you are seeking explicit photos, you'll only find that on Onlyfans)

  • Optional daily texting

  • A warm spot in my heart

  • $1200/week minimum



  • We both respect that we have lives outside of our arrangement. We will both give each other as much notice as possible for plans. 

  • Want to make it exclusive? Add $600. My page becomes unavailable, ads come down and the only person that sees me is YOU! No questions asked

    • Bonus: You and ONLY you also get up to 4 private dates, instead of 3​

    • Daily photos and videos 

Prefer Monthly? Let's try one week first, and then discuss from there :)

Get in touch via email

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